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The mission of Cacao de Colombie is to contribute to the transition to Peace by boosting the production and marketing of Colombian fine and flavour cocoa, opening new horizons for cocoa-growing communities and providing new opportunities for buyers, processors and consumers of quality cocoa.

Colombia has all the assets to produce high-quality cocoa with exceptional attributes. At Cacao de Colombie, we want to instil a culture of excellence through the transfer of knowledge and technology, and to perpetuate a fair trade chain, that is to say, one that is fair for producers, buyers, consumers and of course the environment.

Our initiative is based on the fundamental values of the sustainable development objectives (UN SDG) and is fully transparent. Our principles include gender equality, no child labor, respect for the environment, the promotion of farming communities and young people, the development of innovation and technology and a strong notion of conciliation between rural actors in the same value chain.


Cacao de Colombia offers access to new territories, new communities, new cocoa and new flavours. By immersing you in the heart of the origin of the “criollo” cocoa in the world, in the native land and on the borders of the Amazon, we make you discover the best fine and aromatic cocoa of the country.


The best beans in Colombia

Through our selection of premium, fair-trade and organic beans, some of which are native to Colombia, we take you on a journey to discover the origins of Criollo cocoa, or we take you on a journey from the territories of the Amazon or the Andes Cordillera to the top of the glaciers of the Sierra Nevada. In all our relations with the communities and actors of the chain, interculturality is essential. Cacao de Colombie was born from this meeting of cultures and hopes to stir your taste buds as well as your hearts.

Cacao de Colombie has designed the ICC programme (Internationalization of Colombian Cocoa) whose actions are in line with 8 of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The ICC program aims to contribute to a solid transition towards Peace and the preservation of Biodiversity, to favour a complete integration of all the protagonists within the value chain and to promote the redefinition of socio-cultural, economic and environmental relations between the actors of the sector.


Grégory Le Heurt

Founder · Cacao de Colombie

Après avoir quitté le monde corporatif dans lequel il a travaillé pendant une quinzaine d’années et après avoir validé son MBA à l’Edhec en 2015, il s’est reconverti en entrepreneur social en créant une entreprise colombienne “La Finca Brava Sas” qui apporte des outils, aux sujets de fond comme le développement rural et l’agriculture, l’environnement ou encore la justice et l’éducation en zones de conflits.

He then created and set up a project called “ICC Programme” in order to generate knowledge and know-how for the development of a Colombian Premium fine and flavour cocoa chain, certified organic or organic with social and environmental impacts, positive both on territorial and rural development and on the producing communities. This programme aims to provide the industry with answers to the impacts of good agro-ecological practices and the production of fine cocoa under different combinations of agroforestry systems.

In order to set up this project, Gregory has travelled over half of Colombia and has, over time, established privileged relationships with many public institutions, private entities and Colombian cocoa farming communities, enabling him to develop field actions in several conflict zones and thus participate in the reconstruction of the country.

It was therefore logical for him to create Cacao de Colombia, a French company that complements its range of services with sourcing, fair trade and expertise for the implementation and development of “cocoa sector” projects in Colombia.

Monica Cruz

Co-Founder · Cacao de Colombie

Lawyer and coordinator of social intervention programs in the areas of peaceful conflict resolution, access to justice in rural areas, and citizenship and justice for indigenous people. A consultant for the United Nations and former advisor to the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, Monica is convinced that the transformation of relationships and behaviours can enrich or impoverish a society. During her career, she has actively participated in the development of the national post-conflict programme and has managed and successfully implemented various projects throughout the country, notably as a public sector lawyer.

Thanks to her good relations, acquired throughout her career and her different missions, Monica is a key person for the development of our projects, a first-rate intermediary when it comes to collaborating with governmental entities or raising funds from international cooperation agencies, not to mention her great capacity to deliver turnkey concepts in terms of social and rural justice. Monica has always worked closely with members of the Colombian Government, NGOs, International Cooperation Agencies (USAID, CECHI, CNR), as well as many leaders of multiple Afro-descendant and indigenous communities.

It has constantly and incessantly sought to improve the living conditions of thousands of Colombians. Her self-sacrifice, her strong social commitment, and her enormous ability to build relationships of trust with key actors on the Colombian political scene have enabled her to succeed in having other actors in turn promote the administration and execution of justice. Finally, her very great and genuine sensitivity to cases of discrimination and exclusion have made her a highly respected person in her field, which today even inspires some to generate large-scale citizen action.