Our Philosophy

Our support and our role with producers as well as with our customers are expressed and developed within a framework of well-defined standards that we have nicknamed the BEPP Standard.


Organic, for our commitment to preserving biodiversity and producing sustainably.

With an organic soil fertilization plan, taking into account the eco-system of the plantation, we guarantee the protection of plants for better health at work and long-term protection of Biodiversity.

Fair Trade

For the quality of our relations with producers and the different actors in the sector, as well as for our involvement and willingness to work in the majority of cases with “campesina” women for a better balance of roles and salaries within families.


For the respect of good practices at every stage, our promise of quality and our work to raise awareness and mobilize women and young people to offer them a more promising horizon than the one they currently have.


For our work with post-conflict communities and our coordination with local authorities and actors in the value chain to contribute to the development of more peaceful and collaborative relationships in order to move towards sustainable peace.