Make a Wish

Our agrotourism experience simply hopes to bring you closer to the realities of fine cocoa production and immerse you in a chocolate world like you’ve never seen before!

We have producer partners in many regions and wish to provide you (and them) with unique and unforgettable cultural experiences. Come and discover and visit magical places in the heart of the Amazon or Sierra Nevada in the native land, where you can participate in the harvesting and post-harvest processes. Experience one of the best coffees in the world with one of the best cocoas in the world! To make you melt with pleasure! Make your own chocolate!

Fun and professional workshops with cocoa producers and leave with your 100% traceable and original bars! Not to mention 100% quality! From the mountains to the desert, passing by the paramounts or the paradisiacal beaches, Colombia and its colorful inhabitants offer you all the scenery of the futuristic adventure. If you are a chocolate chef and you have never yet visited a fine cocoa and flavour plantation, get out of your laboratory and prepare your suitcase, this experience will change your conception of the profession!

If you dreamed of adventure and have always wanted to discover the methods of production of the best cocoa in the world, don’t hesitate and book your ticket for wild and rainbow-coloured regions. If you are a chocolate lover with a social and environmental conscience, don’t wait any longer and program your flight to the land of the greatest biodiversity in the world!

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Our partner, “L’Échapée Colombie” helps us to personalize your stay, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your desires and projects… your dream is within our reach… just get started.

Get moving, Chocolate yourself and Call us!

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Make a Wish