Come and share exceptional experiences and activities with our teams in the Colombian cocoa communities. We give the best so that our partners receive the best!

We accompany and develop fine cocoa and Criollo flavor cocoa chains with producers committed to ecosystems and agroforestry. Our “raison d’ĂȘtre” is to structure the first Colombian fine and native cocoa (criollo) commodity chains, focusing our work on the quality of practices and respect for ecosystems by working mainly with women and children, thus ensuring a future for these women heads of household, and for these children whose future appears increasingly urban rather than rural.

Most of the certification requirements and standards are based on indicators from different lines of business, economic, social and environmental. In Cacao de Colombia we go further and believe that generational aspects, gender equality, non-violence against women, protection of the entire ecosystem and the psychology of the communities are as many or more factors to be taken into account and valued.